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"Jump'n'Brawl" is a simple fast-paced 2-to-4 local brawling game. You can choose to control your characters using keyboard(s) or controllers (any combination is possible).

The version you get here is a pre-alpha version. Some in-dev content have been removed to get a return of experience about gameplay, controls and overall feeling.

The concept of the game is simple : every player starts at a spawn point and has to reach opponents in order to kill them. This is done by hitting the key to the direction of the opponent when it's at range (or the button, or the axis). Each character has a special ability (this will be subject to change as we'll introduce special moves). By double taping down, one activate the special ability. There's a duration and a cooldown for each abilities (displayed as a modification of the character avatar).

The game ends depending on the winning conditions set in the level selection screen. It can be a maximum of kill, a delay or a mix of the two.

Amongst other thing, you can change the player name in the character selection screen (hit backspace and enter your name).

For control screen, use up and down arrow to select control, hit enter and then the control you want. Hit ESC to cancel.

There's no graphic or sound options yet. The game is displayed fullscreen, it fits better in 1080p but is ok for other resolution.

For any information/suggestions, feel free to send a message at "contact at casualgaragecoder dot com". A discord server is on, but I can't be as active as i should be (https://discord.gg/XEpJ4xpZ ).

Install instructions

Just download and launch the executable. No installation required.


jump_n_brawl.x86_64 71 MB
jump_n_brawl.exe 66 MB

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